Another Awesome Birthday Bash 2009-06-01 12:36:48
Hi All,

I just wanted to extend my appreciation to everyone for coming out to celebrate the big B-Day bash. The party was a huge success and I was thrilled to see everyone had an awesome time.

A special thanks to the jerks that stole our stuff at the end of the night. I tend to be a positive/"silver lining" kind of guy, so I hope you either enjoy what you took or that you get a good value for it on eBay. Knowing that our stuff has that much value to some people is actually also very flattering.

Now on with the more positive notes...

Extra praise to the following:

Jasmine Jade - Your hostess for the evening, Purry Furries representative and also the best girl in the World. You made this (another) birthday to remember, you are the greatest and I love you.

Monika Maple - My (significantly younger) birthday sister, thank you for sharing this day of festivity.

Uncle D - The Canadian Assman, MC and mastermind behind the organization of this event. This would not have been possible without your help, thank you for contributing to sanity management and making the night go smoothly.

Rock and Roll Heaven - Kickass bar, kickass bands, kickass tolerance for a bunch of perverted freaks, thank you for everything.

The bands - Gotta love live music and I also love G n R so this was a win-win for everyone.

Maxine X - Hot as ever and armed with an army of girls and gifts for all, what more can a (porn) guy ask for :D

Orabella - Also for hotness and having goodies to share :)

All of the Girls - For offering their cheeks for a spanking and making me feel funny in my private area :P

Jeff, Drew, Duncan, Shawn, Jen, other Drew - Members of a very short, but ultra-important list, I hope you all had fun and didn't behave.

Pierre - The wheelman, thank you for continuously helping out with our efforts.

Dean - We all can't wait to see the footage.

Mike - Wink, wink, hehe.

Rob - Prairie fire, tequila messes me up, and I was messed up by the end of the night.

The Fans - Thank you for sharing the fun, we do what we do for you.

I will be wrangling pictures and video and putting them together for posterity. If you have any shots you would like to throw in the mix, hit me up. There will be some website activity for this coming shortly.

And if you missed this party, you missed out HUGE. But don't worry, we're only getting started!

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It's that time of the year again! 2009-05-07 10:56:53 AM
I've been busy hammering away here working on the latest and greatest freaky movies for your perverted amusement ;)

Inbetween all of that though, we have managed to put together Freaky Steve's B-Day Bash 2009. This year will be a double-birthday-bill with me and my birthday sister, Monika Maple.

Last year's party was a blast, this year should be at least twice as fun!

Details to follow :D

Freaky Steve is Getting Into The Phone Sex Biz! (But Not The Way You Think) 2009-02-05 3:11:10 PM
For those of you who are not yet aware, a new domain extension is about to go live, the .tel extension. Now there have been many new domain extensions to come out in semi-recent years, but this is the first one that offers something unique and new. I'm not going to make this post an education on .tel extensions, you can Google that, but I do think this domain extension has some very interesting potential.

.tel is new, it's cool and it's different. As with all new technologies, time will tell.

I like to do my share of domain acquisition, so in the light of a newly released extension, I have decided to try and stake my small claim of territory.

Assuming everything has gone through as said, it's mine :D.

Regardless of how successful this extension actually is, I am quite certain my investment is sound :D

I will be sure to post more news at it develops and what my plans are for taking advantage of this exciting new development ;)

Superfluous Link: Telnic - The Dot Tel People

Happy New Year 2009-01-01 4:20:47 PM
Happy New Year everyone! 2008 was the warmup, 2009 will be the show :D

New DVDs are on the way! 2008-12-22 11:04:01 AM
Finally after many hours of intesive work, they are complete. Two new titles of mine will be hitting store shelves in the New Year...

Trained To Cum is a video featuring horny submissives who are made to cum by their Mistresses. Great girls, great action, a must see!!! :D

The big news though is the completion of the much anticipated Purry Furries DVD!
Purry Furries is the First Ever, Live-Action Lesbian Catgirl DVD. Lesbian furries having sex and doing all sorts of dirty kitty things, it's awesome! Check out the site.

As usual, more news to come shortly!

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The Fun Continues 2008-09-08 10:50:31 AM
As I roll along here the updates continue. I will be updating the sites very soon in addition to spreading some more of the good word. We also have some secret projects in development which will be really big news for everyone.

Don't change that dial!

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Back from Jamaica 2008-08-12 8:33:52 AM
I am back and almost sorted the pics, they'll be up soon. Getting caught up has been a pain, but I'm pretty much there and am now ready to move ahead.

Major revisions and updates are also on their way.

I will keep you posted right here!

Encoding and burning and cutting 2008-06-05 8:39:42 PM
The fun continues, but progress is being made!

The new DVD label is getting ready for launch. Yes, that's right, new DVD label! My first 2 titles will be in to the distributor within the next week. There will be an official announcement coming soon. It's very exciting!

More news to come :D

Freaky Steve's Birthday Bash was a success! 2008-06-02 09:10:40
Now that was a great party!

If you couldn't make it, you missed out on a good one!

Thank you to everyone who came out, it was great seeing everyone.

Special thanks to Uncle D and Maxine X for being so helpful.

For those who missed it, here are some pics:

Freaky Steve's B-Day Bash Pics

Extra special thanks to Jasmine Jade for bringing it all together, without her efforts this party would not have happened.

Happy Birthday to Me 2008-05-30 9:45:58 AM
Tomorrow is the party, today is the actual day! Yay!